Approved by the Govt. of India & Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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  • Oct Umra I

    14 Days

    Onward: 14 Oct 2018
     Return: 28 Oct 2018

  • Oct Umra II

    14 Days

    Onward: 28 Oct 2018
      Return: 11 Nov 2018

  • Nov Umra I

    14 Days

    Onward: 11 Nov 2018
     Return: 25 Nov 2018

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Approved by the Govt of India & Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

License No.: M/HAJ/REGN/PTO/CAT-I/F-193/2014 - 17


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Moulana Haj Service

Welcome to Moulana Haj Service - Purasaiwalkam - Chennai INDIA. Moulana Haj Service specializes in offering Hajj travel and tour packages for the Indian Muslim pilgrims. We have helped travelers from across the Tamil Nadu and around the Entire South India to fulfill their duties by exceeding their expectations for a well-planned, well-executed Hajj travel experience.

Hajj travel is supervised, organized and managed by Our Beloved President Janab Moulana Hafiz Alim Al Haj Imdadullah Sahib, an Islamic Scholor and Silver tongue Orator, in the city of Chennai INDIA. Our President Janab Moulana Hafiz Alim Al Haj Imdadullah Sahib has guided Haajees for the past twenty six years. Prior to each Hajj trip, he conducts in-depth educational & interactive Hajj seminars prepared for those who intend to make Hajj and for those who want to attain a better understanding of the manaasiks [rituals] and other aspects of Hajj travel.

Throughout the entirety of the Hajj package trip, question & answer sessions are held every day to ensure that everyone's concerns are addressed. Most definitely, knowledge and understanding of the experience you are about to endure while performing Hajj or Umrah is the key aspect stressed.

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