About Us

Moulana Haj Service

We are a team of young and energetic business backgrounded, Islamic Scholars, who run this Haj Service, Tour organising Business, We at Moulana Haj Service specialize in offering Hajj travel and tour packages for the Indian Muslim pilgrims. We have helped travellers from across the Tamil Nadu and around the Entire South India to fulfill their duties by exceeding their expectations for a well-planned, well-executed Hajj travel experience.

Hajj travel is supervised, organized and managed by Our Beloved President Janab Moulana Hafiz Alim Al Haj Imdadullah Sahib, an Islamic Scholor and Silver tongue Orator, in the city of Chennai INDIA. Our President Janab Moulana Hafiz Alim Al Haj Imdadullah Sahib has guided Haajees for the past twenty six years. Prior to each Hajj trip, he conducts in-depth educational & interactive Hajj seminars prepared for those who intend to make Hajj and for those who want to attain a better understanding of the manaasiks [rituals] and other aspects of Hajj travel.

Throughout the entirety of the Hajj package trip, question & answer sessions are held every day to ensure that everyone's concerns are addressed. Most definitely, knowledge and understanding of the experience you are about to endure while performing Hajj or Umrah is the key aspect stressed. Would you like to get to know us better, perhaps on a more personal level before making your decision? Please visit us at our office or Call us and we'll get acquainted and answer any of your questions and concerns.


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We provide complete accommodation solutions for our Pilgrims. Our services are known best in the market as compared to our competitors because of the unique service provided by us through our past experiences gained since 1993.

We are backed with a team of expert professionals who deal well with our pilgrims to provide them favorable services according to their requirements. They are all engaged in providing comfort and relief to our pilgrims. Knowing the taste, requirement and occasion style, our team members work in well accordance with the pilgrims to provide them efficient service solutions. Our pilgrims are fully satisfied with our work and recommend us to others as well.



When it comes to Cuisine, we always aim at delivering the very best. This includes our 3 times meals prepared by accomplished chefs. Keeping in mind the quality, quantity & needs of our pilgrims, we offer a vast array of special meals for the entire Pilgrimage period.

We Specialize in South Indian Cuisine but care is also taken to serve other related Cuisines. Proper care is taken to ensure that the Pilgrims receive homely meals and personalized care.

  • Besides regular meals,
  • Refreshments like Milk, Tea & Coffee is served 24x7,
  • Fresh Juices and Soft Drinks is also served,
  • Early Morning (Thahajuth) Break Fast like Biscuits & Breads with Jam & Honey is served
  • Fresh Fruits is also served occasionally.



Transport is without doubt the most talked about subject during the Hajj. When a 7 km journey takes 5 hours by bus, you can easily imagine the agony you would have to endure.

This is where Moulana Haj Service plays a vital role by booking Volvo type separate Ac buses for the pilgrims. For the 5 Days of Mina – Arafath – Muzdhalifa we provide separate bus for each 50 Pilgrims. By this we can reduce the agony from shifting place to place.


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Guidance is the essential need which is expected by all the pilgrims who choose to travel with Private Tour Operators. We have well Qualified, Experienced and Multi Lingual guides who are always available to guide the Pilgrims.

Our guides also have all the local knowledge, experience and contacts to put together various activity, course, conference or convention.

When it comes to guiding assignments, once you book with us our teams will send you a confirmation, and from that moment on, the whole responsibility is in our hands; we will book and confirm the entrances to all venues and the transport, and we will provide the best guides.

Medical Care


We have doctor’s assistance 24×7, to take care of your medical needs and requirements. Specialists in various fields will give you the best tip of medical advice.

An experienced professional doctors are here, who will stand beside you throughout your journey to recovery.

Orientation Program


An orientation program is organized before departing on the Holy Journey to Hajj / Umrah.

This is to ensure each pilgrims, in which majority of them are new comers, are prepared in all aspects of the dua’s, rituals procedures, dress code, attitude and mental make-up, safety measures, temperatures diet, emergencies and crisis management situations.

The Orientation program is organized in a Marriage Hall or reputed Hotels in Chennai according to the quantity of pilgrims. which accommodates all the Pilgrims travelling with us.

Our beloved Founder and Sole Proprietor Hafiz, Moulana, A. M. Imdadullah along with the experienced and reputed Ulamas will conducts the entire presentation explaining the significance of each and every ritual and procedure.

Other Services and Facilities

The agency is resourceful and is well-equipped with pilgrimage-related services such as

  • Ticketing - Train, Bus & Railway E-Ticketing
  • Passport Services – New & Renewal Process
  • Visa Services,
  • Currency exchange etc.,